Eight things help you to select your bag

Eight things help you to select your bag
  1. Take care of the exterior of the bag as it reflects your personality and style.
  2. The handbag should match the clothes you are wearing.
  3. Choose an appropriate size for the handbag, as the size of the bag has more impact on your appearance. If the bag is large, it makes the woman have a rounded shape, and if the bag is rectangular, the woman will gain length and thinness.
  4. Choose a bag that contrasts with the shape of your body, so you look more radiant.
  5. Make sure that the style of the bag matches your clothes and shoes.
  6. Your bag, shoes, and belt don't have to be the same color, but the most important thing is that they coordinate with each other and with your clothes.
  7. After you get dressed, stand in front of the mirror to make sure they fit your clothes.
  8. Make sure your bag is always clean and simple to reflect your elegance and increase your attractiveness.